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Saat ini kemajuan teknologi sudah merambah ke segala bidang.
Termasuk salah satunya di alat berat dan alat angkut seperti forklift.
Mengikuti kemajuan teknologi dan kebutuhan kerja yang makin cepat, dengan bangga kami menghadirkan Komatsu Forklift model terbaru, yaitu AX dan BX Series.

Adapun kelebihan dari komatsu forklift model terbaru ini dapat anda saksikan pada video berikut ini.


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Setiyawan Komatsu

Monday, 8 April 2013


FH series Diesel Forklift Trucks start coming to Indonesian from 2013.
Models: FH40-1, FH45-1, FH50-1.
This is a new Komatsu trucks series intended for the intense work circle first of all.
Rated capacity: 4 000 – 5 000kg
Country of origin – Japan.

Forklift trucks built upon Komatsu’s unique hydraulic and control technologies
The FH Series was designed to utilize highly reliable, field-proven Komatsu’s drive and control components that have been used for many years in Komatsu construction equipment. The travel system is “Electronically-controlled HST”, Komatsu’s unique hydraulic drive system that has been employed for Komatsu wheel loaders and bulldozers.

The FH Series models are powered by a Komatsu designed and manufactured diesel engine SAA4D95LE-5 that features advanced engine technologies, meeting latest exhaust emissions. All these are combined to achieve superior fuel economy, reduced environmental load and outstanding controllability.

Electronically-controlled HST1

In this system, the engine rotates the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic power is transmitted to the hydraulic motor which is mounted directly on the drive axle, and then the tractive effort is transmitted through the differential and to the driving wheels. Since this system does not have a clutch which is a vital component for torque converter-drive forklift trucks, there is no possibility of heat loss or slippage which could be caused by the inching pedal during inching operation. Thus the system minimizes power transmission losses and reduces fuel consumption.
Conventional torque converter-drive forklift truck. In this type of system, the torque converter fan that receives the engine power must rotate the other fan on the transmission side through an oil bath. Difference in the rotation speed is inevitably caused between the two fans, resulting in transmission power loss. In addition, this type of system might generate more heat and slippage due to slipping of the clutch, especially if used in a high cycle application where the inching pedal is used frequently.
The lift hydraulic system uses “Variable displacement pump with CLSS”, a highly efficient hydraulic system employed in Komatsu hydraulic excavators.

Variable displacement pump with CLSS2

Since the variable displacement pump supplies just the amount of oil needed to do specific work, there is no loss of hydraulic oil. This system makes very efficient use of the engine power, resulting in reduced fuel consumption. With this system the operator also can lift the load with the engine running at slow speeds, further reducing fuel consumption.
*Conventional fixed displacement gear pump delivers a specific amount of oil per rotation, many times delivering excessive amount of oil and leading to added loading on the engine and added fuel consumption.
Controllability and Safety

There are the following functions in forklift trucks new series, such as: smooth directional changes without releasing
accelerator pedal, shock-free shifting, travel speed limiter, neutral start function, no creeping etc.
All these qualities guarantee the excellent operation and safety. Let’s consider controlled rolling back on a ramp as an example : the HST drive system has a self braking feature which hydraulic flow of fluid is stopped by releasing the accelerator pedal. This feature prevents uncontrolled rolling back and holds the truck on a ramp while the operator releases the brake pedal for a ramp-start.

Durability and Reliability
All of the FH series main components, such as engine,
hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motor, axles and controllers are
designed, developed and manufactured by Komatsu,
ensuring the quality and reliability that comes from exacting
Komatsu engineering standards.
All forklift trucks FE series equipped with heavy-duty sealed wet disc brakes. The sealed wet disc brakes provide protection from dust, dirt and debris, providing superior durability, fade and water resistance, promoting constant and stable brake performance in high cycle operations.

The advanced monitoring KOMTRAX system is installed as standard equipment in a new forklift FH series.
KOMTRAX as equipment to obtain machine operating information. You’ll know always about your machinery location, its working parameters, as operating time, fuel consumption and many others. Monthly and annual operation records provided by KOMTRAX are useful information for the customer. Information can also be shared within distributors and dealers to provide swift accurate after sales support.

Thereby Komatsu new FH series forklift truck brings a benefit to a customer by lowering total operation cost.
1 HST : Hydro-Static Transmission
2 CLSS : Closed-center Load Sensing System

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Setiyawan Komatsu


Bina Pertiwi sebagai distributor tunggal forklift Komatsu, sejak tahun 2004 berupaya menyediakan solusi total melalui rental forklift Komatsu. Bina Pertiwi berkomitmen untuk memberikan pelayanan yang profesional dan terbaik sebagai solusi total kepada setiap pelanggan.

Bina Pertiwi melayani penyewaan unit forklift di hampir seluruh wilayah Indonesia melalui cabang-cabang kami, demi memenuhi permintaan pelanggan.

Bina Pertiwi memiliki berbagai pilihan armada forklift Komatsu dengan fitur dan kapasitas daya angkat mulai dari 1,5 ton sampai dengan 25 Ton. Tersedia dengan berbagai tipe forklift meliputi reach truck dan counterbalance truck, serta jenis mesin yang digunakan yaitu diesel, bensin, dan baterai.

Kami selalu menjaga kualitas performa unit rental dengan selalu melakukan pemeliharaan rutin dan check-up pada semua unit forklift yang dioperasikan. Sehingga pelanggan selalu mendapatkan forklift dengan kualitas prima dan kinerja terbaik.

Mengapa kami?

  1. Kami merupakan distributor tunggal forklift merek Komatsu.
  2. Kami sangat berpengalaman dalam sektor material-handling.
  3. Tim product support yang ahli dan berpengalaman membuat unit kami selalu dalam kondisi prima, dan dirawat sesuai dengan prosedur yang ditentukan.
  4. Reputasi dan hubungan baik dengan perusahaan-perusahaan besar di Indonesia.
  5. Sebagai distributor tunggal, unit forklift Komatsu kami menggunakan sparepart resmi yang berkualitas demi menjaga performa unit forklift kami.
  6. Kami menyediakan operator profesional yang siap bekera dalam berbagai medan pekerjaan.

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Setiyawan Komatsu